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Coliseum Renovation Update

New post coming soon.

3D Renderings of Coliseum Alternative Renovation

This is still a work in progress. I'll have a full report when it's finished. Refer to this post if you're new to the blog.






Coliseum Renovation Plans Leaked

I was messing around with the url on tonight and I was able to get to the pages with updated renderings for the Coliseum renovation plan. USC is expected to officially release these in the next week or two, but you can get an early look here. 

I feel like the reaction when the original plans were released in October was mixed at best. If you didn't like the plans then, you're going to be disappointed, as it appears that there have been virtually no changes. I took screenshots from and posted them below. 

I'll have a follow-up post with some commentary in the near future. If you're new to the blog, you can see my alternative renovation plans here and here.
Legal Talk: These images technically belong to USC and came from the url mentioned above. I make no claims of owning these images.

Updated Coliseum Renovation Alternative Drawings

I updated some drawings from my original post about a Coliseum renovation alternative. You can read my original post here for further explanation. I'll do a more detailed write-up later, but the main differences are a plan for Phase 2 and the addition of a retractable seating system in both endzones to bring the stands closer to the field. 

I'll do a full post about these in the near future.

An Alternative Design for USC's Coliseum Renovation

Irecently wrote a rambling, 2,000 word, mostly critical review of USC’s proposal to renovate the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. However, it isn’t fair to simply sit back and criticize carefully-thought out plans without giving feasible suggestions. There have been many Coliseum renovation plans presented before, but the vast majority have been entirely unrealistic or too expensive. In addition, previous plans haven’t viewed the Coliseum in the same way that the USC Athletic Department seemingly does - as a historic stadium in need of a general facelift and a few modern amenities. Thus, I set out to create an alternative that accomplishes everything that USC’s proposal does, but in a more aesthetically pleasing and flexible way.

*I should note that I’m not an architect. I am someone who has traveled to see approximately 70 professional and college stadiums and who has a near-encyclopedic memory of hundreds of stadiums around the world. My drawings may not be 100% to scale, but they sho…